22 September 2016


golden lab 2016, edition of 300

"Settle is one of those guys that everyone likes when they meet him. A gentle soul with a sharp understated wit and endless good humour. And, above all, humble. He’s played in Serfs with Jon Collin as well as DSDV. He’s not only one of Manchester’s finest guitar players but one of the most intuitive and evocative in the world today. This 2LP featuring guests including Jon Collin, Nick Mitchell (DSDV), Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep) and more, is a stunning example of his creative prowess and features original compositions and improvisations as well as lesser known covers and traditionals, including some ignored-by-the-underground Lancashire folk music. It’s far and away the most accomplished (if roughly recorded) psychedelic folk record to have been made in Britain in the last 40 years." - GOLDEN LAB

OLD WAKES is an acid-spiked anti-folk variety hour (and a half) anchored around piedmont style fingerpicking perhaps inspired by -but not necessarily derived from- FAHEY's TAKOMA style, as SETTLE cuts closer to the source than most contemporaries by my measure, channeling pre war roots music directly into his unique mold, further incorporating anything and everything - outsider folk, retro psych, bygone british ballads, druggy outlaw country, even an eight minute dead head jam -- like i said it's rather varied but some comparable weirdo titles include GREG ASHLEY's MEDICINE F*CK DREAM, WILLIE LANE's GUITAR ARMY OF ONE, MV & EE's MOTHER OF THOUSANDS and TONSTARTSSBANDHT's OVERSEAS, with a quirky pop mentality that's not far from ELEPHANT SIX and K RECORDS, while capable of recalling SPACEMEN 3's most droned out sides or even ORNETTE COLEMAN's DANCING IN YOUR HEAD - but comparisons only go so far - it's a "kitchen sink folk" magnum opus like nothin else