18 September 2016


self released 2016, second edition of 20

this one has been in my back pocket a while, i saw this on AMULETS "west by west west tour 2016" indiegogo back in february and just knew i had to have it without hearing a single note, not just because AMULETS is one of the best new weird american drone artists out there, but also because the physical artifact sounded rad - a handmade double cassette boxset from recycled vintage motivational tapes and reused packaging plus side four is the "original brain washing message for your personal (power) enjoyment" - oh man, gotta have that - my copy didn't show up until june, but it was worth the wait and then some

PERSONAL POWER is without question AMULETS crowning achievement to date, which i think is saying something because his rather prolific output has been so consistently brilliant, all his works are just different points on the same elevated plane of awesomeness, but PERSONAL PERSONAL power breaks beyond to another level as his craft has been honed to its sharpest here, making his brief but spectacular side on his HORROR FICTION split with BRAEYDEN JAE seem like a dry run leading up to this jaw dropping drool worthy forty minute (plus) opus of gorgeous wistful shimmering shoegazing ambient drone that soars right up there alongside the absolute best that contemporaries BRAEYDEN JAE, PETER KRIS and LOST TRAIL have to offer

the double cassette is sold out but a single cassette second edition went up a couple weeks ago, also limited to 20 - get it while you can