25 October 2016

UPDATE - PL13-15

tapes are in, original artwork has been selected courtesy inspired artwork guru BLAKE HIGHT, j cards designed and off to the printers - aiming for a november 14 street date - tapes will be available via the PSI LAB bandcamp page, online shop FLIPPED OUT and at GUESTROOM oklahoma city / norman / louisville and END OF AN EAR in austin

a fixture in the experimental folk scene for more than a decade now, more recently as a solo artist and as RAISING HOLY SPARKS frontman, also as a member of the long tenured UNITED BIBLE STUDIES (with AINE O'DWYER and MICHAEL TANNER and others, which now seems like a super group of sorts) - A MELBOURNE NOCTURNE finds COLOHAN paring down his palette to the bare essentials, turning stark earthy drone folk parallel to STEVEN R. SMITH into hushed ethereal bliss embellished with angelic vocal melodies akin to FURSAXA, set in a new age ambient construct channeling HAROLD BUDD's PAVILION OF DREAMS, amplifying the zoned bygone folk flavor of the last two songs on DAVID CROSBY's IF ONLY I COULD REMEMBER MY NAME within the grand celestial influence of ENO's APOLLO and bolstered by some fantastic TERRY RILEY esque psychedelic minimalism, it's one of those rare listening experiences where as soon as it ends i'm ready to go again

keeps doin what he does best, better than ever by my measure - THE OUTSIDE INFLATION is an hour of overcast ambient tape loop manipulation, continuing his trajectory of elegantly simple yet profound BASINSKI esque loop construction and disintegration meets ENO's AMBIENT 4 dynamic ambient bliss via SKITTISH ARM's signature noir style i can't get enough of no matter how hard i try, building on last year's phenomenal I DON'T KNOW WHAT I SHOULD DO TO RIGHT MYSELF AGAIN with a more varied yet still smartly reserved approach, further incorporating minimal and modern classical elements, balancing the gloomy haze with threads of focused intensity and holy respite, finding some contemporary comparison to GREG GORLEN and SEAN MCCANN, but like those artists SKITTISH ARM is ever increasingly out there on his own making some of the best ambient music being made today

"witchy overblown kosmische folk improv for fans of Pharoah Overlord, George RR Martin, Amon Duul, homebrew, Trad Gras och Stenar and twenty sided dice." -- HOUSE OF TRIANGLES offers two sidelong excursions like MV & EE's freeform folk "environs" meets HIGH TIDE's SEA SHANTIES bonehead prog meets BURNT HILLS scorched earth improvisation channeling BARDO PONDian heavy psych and the freaked out acid rock on EARLY STEPPENWOLF side two with a zonked interlude like PHAROAH SANDERS covers THE STOOGES "we will fall", winding parallel to new weird american kosmische rethinkers HERBCRAFT, MENDOCINO and VON HIMMEL, but DIRE WOLVES blaze their own path, their own brand of west coast "free rock" intersecting the discographies of STUNNED, SLOOW and now PSI LAB - maybe that label triangulation alone can tell you everything you need to know about this band

editions of 50, pro dubbed chrome plus, pro printed hand scored and assembled j cards, with all the fixins - more details and visuals on the way

stay tuned