14 September 2016


rural colours 2016, edition of 70

alluring ambient drone folk, a thick lo-fi haze envelops a gently rolling sea of monochromatic (trombone?) loops laced with ethereal female vocals, mostly indecipherable, bygone ballads and moody dirges repurposed for deep meditation - COOPER includes a recorded snippet of her grandfather, with effect similar to THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC but more intimate, echoing early GROUPER and INCA ORE but with a stronger organic folk vibe and less dreary and less ecstatic respectively, sometimes reminding me of RAAJMAHAL, other times of ZETA ONE but there's an appreciable sophistication (if you will pardon the pun) to COUNT THE DAYS that all those comparisons lack - it's rare that i recommend a cdr, that's sold out at the source no less, but this deserves my mention at the very least and worthy of wider recognition come year end season - it looks like there's still a small stash at NORMAN RECORDS, it's a neat little package with nice hand screened artwork, or just grab the no brainer £3 download