27 July 2016


jeunesse cosmique 2016, edition of 30

unknown tone 2016, edition of 100

"Many factors played into the decision to bring the project to a close. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad to get the weight of Lost Trail's massive back catalogue off our backs so we can start fresh. No, we never quite accomplished everything we wanted to with Lost Trail, but the support we received along the way was invaluable. It's been a pretty astonishing six years.

These flames are rather gradually dimming, though. The good part is that Denny and I will continue to be making music together. I firmly believe that Lost Trail was an Uncle Tupelo, and our Wilco is still on the horizon. This time, though, it's going to be in a more collective spirit, with more friends from around the country / globe pitching in, aiming to be less hemmed in by specific genres while still falling under the banner of 'experimental'. It's apt to be a long, careful, patient process; we're going to take the time to carefully craft a lasting statement rather than relentlessly churn out new collections like before. So it may be awhile (years, probably) before you hear from us musically, but I promise it'll be worth it when it arrives." - LOST TRAIL

it's been two months since husband-and-wife duo LT announced the retirement of "LOST TRAIL" as an active conduit for proliferating their glorious singular sound, their unique brand of new weird american drone, by which they have remained at the summit of that most holy mountain, in both quality and quantity, dwarfing and lapping the field as they have been the most crucial musicmakers in all the weirdo cassette world at least by my measure, with their inimitable blend of ambient, drone, music concrete, noise, shoegaze and tape manipulation - and i am honored to have been a part of that - though it saddens me to know the end of LOST TRAIL i am excited to see and hear what follows this hiatus

as prolific as they were, it makes sense that new LT tapes are still popping up and will likely continue to do so for a while yet - already there's these two post retirement tapes for your consideration - it's nice to hear that even as they were hanging it up they were still very much immersed in their own creativity, doin what they do best, no cut corners, nothin phoned in or seeming left incomplete or hastily assembled, their music is still as fresh and as bewildering as ever to my ears

stylistically STAY OUT LONG ENOUGH is a strange yet beautiful assemblage of surreal tape manipulation akin to SEJOURNER (REC #33) whereas ROAR OF WINTER falls more on the drone-noise-shoegaze side(s) of the spectrum not far from PSI LAB's very own NAMES OUTLIVE THEIR MOMENTS - though there may be more LT tapes coming down the pike, ROAR's closing track "farewell o providential hand!" seems a perfect finale for LOST TRAIL, brief yet potent, aptly titled, profoundly being, abruptly ending -- i could not easily parse or reduce their mile long diamond mine of a discography, nor would i want to - no filler, no slumps, only consistent greatness, gem after gem after gem, and these two tapes are no exception