30 July 2016


golden lab 2016, edition of 300

"almost three hours of dense psychedelic eulogies to the departed musicians of 2016 across 4x 180g LPs in black paper inners, housed in a heavyweight box with stunning skulls and roses cover art by Bart Sloow and a full-colour 8-page booklet." - GOLDEN LAB

sweet fancy moses, a 4x lp boxset from the best rock band on the planet, to my ears anyway, with expectedly fantastic artwork courtesy BART DE PAEPE aka SLOOW TAPES, i can't wait to get my hands on this sucker, i will be celebrating xmas early this year when this one shows up - i'm still reeling from last year's CLIFTON PARK escapade, which was my favorite album of 2015, and there's still plenty of tread left on A PINT OF WINE from earlier this year via VERY BON (REC #100) and INTERPENETRATING DIMENSIONAL EXPRESS which was nearly my favorite album of 2014 if not for MV & EE's ALPHA LYRAE -and that race was/is still too close to call really- or their "bootleg" quadruple cassette box set THINKIN GAME which i haven't broken out and played through half as often as it deserves -- i digress

i didn't need to hear a single note to board the GRAND CELESTIAL PURGE hype train - there aren't many artists / bands i subscribe to blindly, you could probably count them on one hand, and DSDV definitely make the cut - so if you would like to filter my opinion through a helpless fanatic disclaimer then by all means - GCP is DSDV's most refined work yet, as they congeal into thee ultimate stoner psych band, despite the daunting 170 minute running time this is the album that should break them out well beyond basement free rock worshipers like myself - this is straight up like BARDO POND plays LIVE/DEAD, falling in line with some euro stoner psych stuff like COLOUR HAZE and CAUSA SUI / EL PARAISO, exceeding all of it by my measure - there's an abundance of nice spaced out passages here, rather unexpected given DSDV's trajectory, though later track "moonlight mind" (side 6? the longest clocking in at over 23 minutes) reels me in the most as it cuts closest to what i've come to expect from DSDV, approaching the righteous acid jam territories of COMUS and HIGH TIDE -- only 300 copies, if ya'll know what's good for you then this shouldn't last long

higher than highest possible recommendation