25 July 2016


pantheon 2016, edition of ?

immersed ambient drone specialist CLOUDSOUND hit the ground runnin in mid 2014 with tapes spread out on FLUERE (REC #19), ILLUMINATED PATHS and TRANQUILITY, then he seemed to disappear after an early 2015 title via RAINBOW PYRAMID, just as it seemed he was hitting a rather incredible stride -- turns out he has been ambitiously honing his sound, an alchemical fusion of classical ambient, kosmische, new age and shoegaze, channeling the good stuff like ENO's ambient ouvre and WINDY & CARL, adding a STARS OF THE LID alignment to the fold, with touches of FRIPPian guitar flourishes and hypnotic reverb echoing ROY MONTGOMERY - all these are overlapped, intertwined, sculpted into lush shimmering soundscapes with the playfulness of previous works traded in for a zen like focus, yielding a perfectly paced and spaced hour long magnum opus