21 July 2016


c/site 2016, edition of ?

"Balancing equal parts Americana, blues, jazz, and avant-garde, and always maintaining the intimate qualities of home recording, Norton St. features 15 concise pieces from Shapiro’s time spent at that address... this recording documents a brief time, at a particular place in this transient artists ever-winding journey." - C/SITE

fringe folk improvisation, country blues deconstructions, bold unabashed american primitive guitar, veering passages coiled into a spool of magnetic tape under the moniker ALEXANDER, half of noise drone duo NAGUAL, branching out into his own inner space, perhaps inspired by folks like PHIL ELVERUM and JACK ROSE, realized like JOHN FAHEY doin a legendary one off session for CORWOOD INDUSTRIES, or like PUMICE via OAKHILL, or ALASTAIR GALBRAITH for that matter, or maybe think MARISA ANDERSON strung out on quaaludes strumming moonlit fantasias til dawn, giving fringe folk guru JON COLLIN a run for his money - NORTON ST is a real stunner, a heavy year end contender that just gets better and better, both as the tape rolls on and with each successive listen