18 April 2016


was ist das 2016, edition of 100

"Imagine If Popol Vuh lived in rural Ireland and were in thrall to the local landscape and folklore then this is how it would sound. A hypnotic, devotional work imbued with strange, inexplicable, almost Neolithic atmospheres. It’s bloody wonderful of course" - WAS IST DAS

"Recording completed at Ryan Electronics during the Blood Moon Eclipse, September 2015. 'The mountain has no partner in its glory & about Knocknarea itself lies an epic suggestiveness which you cannot miss if you climb the mountain. You cannot keep your hold on the present while you are up there.' William Bulfin" - COLOHAN's bandcamp

wayfaring ambient drone folk sprawling across two tapes - this cuts closer to STEVEN R SMITH than what i'm familiar with from COLOHAN's UNITED BIBLE STUDIES and RAISING HOLY SPARKS, perhaps taking cues from SRS's earthy bygone drone folk output with HALA STRANA and his elevated moniker ULAAN PASSERINE's stargazing ambient folk, with a bit more heft a la DATE PALMS desert kosmische - i also hear a bit of KRAFTWERK's most glorious "harmonika" and some of the most zoned stuff from PUMICE, sometimes recalling the stellar OCEAN CHARTER OF VALUES / LUNG CYCLES split (REC #57), other times goin straight at ENO's AMBIENT 1 but in a more natural organic way, with spiritual reverberation akin to RANDALL MCCLELLAN and an epic conceptual arc that kinda bridges the gap between MOUNT EERIE and NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS - cool double cassette widebox format

highly recommended