20 April 2016


hare akedod 2016, edition of 70

"Music by David Edren (synthesizers) and Glen Steenkiste (harmonium, synthesizer, shruti & electronic tambura). Both sides of this tape are live improvisations recorded october 7th 2015 at Sint-Denijs-Westrem." - HARE AKEDOD

an outta nowhere stunner, two monolithic meditative drone suites, each with a running time of exactly 17:47, deep kosmische excursions, side one slowly stirring and whirring into action like solo EXPO 70, then a prominent propulsive rhythm invigorates the synth fermatas into elaborate improvised arpeggiations a la mid 70s TANGERINE DREAM masterpieces PHAEDRA and RUBYCON, but with a potent dose of subtly shifting harmonium monotone that gloriously backdrops everything - at around the halfway mark the energy dissipates into a heady downtempo vibe of sorts with the synth lines slowing, becoming a bit more playful, forming elegant harmonic patterns kinda like TONY CONRAD WITH FAUST meets FRIPP & ENO - i'm not sure if side two is "part two" or if it's a same-session companion piece, it's more of the same awesomeness, arriving at more of a kosmische / minimalism hybrid sound incorporating TERRY RILEY's A RAINBOW IN CURVED AIR -- available tomorrow - tomorrow can't come soon enough

highest possible recommendation