01 March 2016


vohu manah 2015, edition of 250

i'm a longtime fan of DE PAEPE's imprint SLOOW TAPES, more recently he's been puttin out his own solo recordings (see REC #39, also a member of AMANITA VULVA, see REC #50) -- this is his first foray on vinyl, progressing the stripped down heavy psych guitar jams he proliferated on BLOOD CLOT IN THE BRAIN - there's plenty more of that velvety MO TUCKER percussion, more prominent driving bass lines at times, "lotus petal rain" buds from the same hypnotic propulsion branch as LOWRIDER "texas pt 2" -> EARTH "raiford" -> EXPO 70 "closet full of candles" but with more engrossing primitivism that somehow channels a gritty bygone hill country vibe a la FRED MCDOWELL or DOCK BOGGS as much as it does the bluesy noise rock of LES RALLIZES DENUDES, leading into a dark moody drone rock dirge with drool worthy hits of off-reverberating fuzz guitar -- as much as i really dig his previous tapes, this is DE PAEPE arriving, fully realizing his own singular sound - done with ultimate diy fold over / bound / paste on jackets, best grab one quick before they become scarce

highest possible recommendation


SLOOW recently posted some new stuff - a new FURSAXA lp and a zine MELLOW MY MIND "Chronicling the first 10 years of Sloow Tapes...an overview of all the tapes, broadsides, lp’s and booklets published so far...Fully annotated with detailed information about the tapes, promo texts, reviews and a few texts written especially for this publication." - i usually don't go for stuff like that but SLOOW is one of the awesomest labels of all time in my book so why not have a book about it