06 March 2016


centipede farm 2016

"Fits right in with Lost Trail’s super spooky Americana soundscapery, naturally, but Mr. Pomeroy gives it a spin. Ghost guitars in a black Cadillac crawling through the agroindustrial wastes at 3 AM." - CENTIPEDE FARM

wow that is one hell of a description -- british dark ambient guitar droner LINDEN POMEROY teams up with new weird american drone guru ZACHARY CORSA of LOST TRAIL, who did a split tape with POMEROY last year -- SLEEP CHRYSALIS is definitely at the mellow end of CORSA's sonic spectrum, his proprietary blend of dynamic noise-blasted euphoric drone-gaze is much less in play, though it does gloriously appear albeit briefly on a couple of tracks - the same goes for his alluring found sounds and curious intimate voice recordings - instead SLEEP CHRYSALIS is more reserved and focused, minimal dark ambient with subtle atmospheric quirks and flirtations of drool worthy tape manipulation -- as the label blurb suggests, if you dig LOST TRAIL then you're sure to dig this, but for a comparative analogy maybe think GREG GORLEN and IAN WILLIAM CRAIG reinterpreting ENO's AMBIENT oeuvre

highly recommended