26 February 2016


selection 2016, edition of 200

"home recorded solo guitar pieces (or Guitar Diary as Hiiragi puts it). Very raw and sparse but with all the power and emotional weight that those in the know have come so expect from Hiiragi. Personal Server was meant as a palate cleanser for an upcoming brand new solo LP! More news on that as it is revealed. Perfect vibes for a late dark night." - SELECTION

"Hiiragi Fukuda : Fender Telecaster & Guitar Amp, Akai Head-Rush. Recorded by SONY Handy Cassette Recorder" - FUKUDA's bandcamp

another tape, another side of FUKUDA - previously on MY TURNTABLE IS SLOW he fused SKIP SPENCE and SERGE GAINSBOURG with a touch of ECSTATIC PEACE era MV & EE, then on SEACIDE he appeared like the second coming of SUICIDE, then he backed SADAHIRO YAMADA on a couple albums that were a tangential continuation of FUKUDA's minimal drum machine acid krautrock incorporated into a garage pop by way of LES RALLIZES construct -- so there's not a lot of carry-over, other than FUKUDA himself -- PERSONAL SERVER is a set of stark stripped down outsider blues, the sparsest stuff i've heard from him yet, minimal structure, mostly improvised, loosely anchored around conceptual blueprints, sounding inspired by LIGHTNIN HOPKINS, LOU REED and JANDEK - "perfect vibes for a late dark night" indeed

highly recommended