14 September 2015


winebox 2015, edition of 300

"New solo acoustic guitar material in an abstract confessional style from the end of winter just gone, recorded to reel-to-reel by Patrick Crane in Manchester and Stockport (with some source recordings made by Jon Marshall in Sheffield). Comes with a risograph-printed b&w insert."

glorious new lp from established avant folk guitar wizard JON COLLIN who runs the delectably diy label WINEBOX PRESS and has been churnin out a diverse array of weirdness as curator as well as a member of SERFS, VAMPIRE BLUES and WHOLE VOYALD, with a label pedigree that includes BLACKEST RAINBOW, CABIN FLOOR ESOTERICA and GOLDEN LAB, to say nothing of his solo works, which i hold in highest regard, his singular brand of broadly categorized "solo acoustic guitar music" is not easy listening, it can come across as some of the most primitive of american primitive like FAHEY by way of JANDEK's CORWOOD INDUSTRIES, but therein lies the beauty - deeply affected sparse flickering improvisation merges monastic meditation and appalachian lonerism like nothin i've ever heard, the closest comparison that comes to mind is OAKHILL's enigmatic catalog - BRONZE HORSE, DOVE AZIMA, GREEN GLASS - but more cerebral / spiritual perhaps akin to TOM CARTER and LOREN CONNORS - to be sure this is fringe music, a profound gem found well off the beaten path of "solo acoustic guitar music"

i got mine from FLIPPED OUT, i also saw it over at TOMENTOSA