12 September 2015


hair del 2015, edition of 15

a curious collection of weirdo psych jams outta russia - spiritualized krautrock, freak folk mysticism and jazzy free rock experimentation with a fragmented world music world view - i hear DESMADRADOS SOLDADOS DE VENTURA with a smoky downtempo demeanor, KOI POND with a dub fixation, PHAROAH SANDERS with some avant glam guitar tremolo - DUNY throws a lot at the wall and somehow it all sticks, which kinda reminds me of TONSTARTSSBANDHT's OVERSEAS out last year on ARBUTUS without the anthemic classic rock stuff or like a bizarro world version of that ETERNAL TAPESTRY & SUN ARAW collab a while back - nice diy vibe, paste on sleeve and hand painted shells, i'll be spinnin this one for a while