17 September 2015


not just religious music 2015, edition of 100

Foie Gras is unabashedly loud and mystic, gentle and soft. Guitar driven, she lives at the intersections of secure drone and reimagined Americana, as if Brian Eno and Patsy Cline have committed themselves to an endless and passionate love affair.

digital only 2013 title, now on cassette via NOT JUST RELIGIOUS MUSIC - there's no mistaking the AMBIENT 4 influence, there are a couple tracks where one could confuse which is which, but it's more than just a tasteful ENO homage, with flavors that recall mid 2000s milestones BELONG's OCTOBER LANGUAGE and GROUPER's WIDE, that make for a rich palette FOIE GRAS uses to create an immersed soundscape of ethereal ambient passages, surreal dark ambient noir and blasts of feedback drone, with otherworldly folk and female vocals at the fringes, an enthralling and delightfully disorienting work, file alongside DIALING IN, EKIN FIL and INCA ORE, or i suppose PATSY CLINE if you'd rather