06 September 2015


polytechnic youth 2015, lp edition of 250
sonic meditations 2015, cs edition of 50

"recorded using totally analogue equipment in an improvised manner that harks back to the early days of private press releases which Wright sought out to interpret on his own and kick-off his solo presence outside of the Expo ‘70 moniker. Long-term devotees to Wright’s recording career will no doubt dig that although aspects of the recording equipment and improvised approach here may alter slightly, the trademark of cosmic drones with the other worldliness aura to his music is thankfully, very much accounted for."

WRIGHT sets out sans EXPO 70 but he doesn't venture far, the difference to my ears is that SOS seems more deliberately focused on the creative process itself rather than it seeming to be a by-product of "creation through meditation" for lack of a better term, he cuts against the grain, takes a more meticulous approach, and the results are stunning as he channels his inner FROESE and SCHULZE to perfection and delivers an intensely gripping collection of dark moody analog synth compositions, i wouldn't expect any less from a true sorcerer of sound

POLYTECHNIC YOUTH unleashed a drool worthy clear vinyl edition in late july, limited to 250 and going, going, almost gone at the source, hit up their facebook page for details on how to order direct - some of the usual domestic distros have (or had) some as well - also WRIGHT is workin on a cassette edition expected later this month via SONIC MEDITATIONS