01 September 2015


woodsist 2015

HERBCRAFT - the favored brain child of MATT LAJOIE - has steadily evolved with each new work fine tuning everything that came before it and then adding a little somethin extra - that is, until now - WOT OZ isn't the next link in this rather elegant chain, it's a paradigm shift, a wondrous leap from the plateau of refinement and perfect realization on 2013's understated masterpiece ASTRAL BODY ELECTRIC toward a more spontaneously inspired and improvised approach propelled by a collaborative full band lineup that realigns HERBCRAFT as a brain trust, bringing drummer AARON NEVEU (MMOSS, WOODS) and bassist / organist JOE LINDSEY into the fold - a power trio metamorphosis manifesting hard hitting kraut-psych jams and acid drone trips that gloriously stretch on, cutting vast swaths across the wax, hurling HERBCRAFT across the universe, leapfrogging ETERNAL TAPESTRY and THEE OH SEES, and setting course for the far out territories of VON HIMMEL and MENDOCINO - this lp exceeds all expectations following their PUSH THRU THE VEIL single and previously highly recommended TABS OUT cassette - without question or hesitation one of the best psych albums of the decade