26 July 2015


self released 2015, edition of 30

for me, when it comes to metal, it can never be too lo fi and vocals can never be too low in the mix - WIZARD CULT's frontman gives it everything he's got, spewing some lung busting vocals, but he is outgunned by the guitars and drums, both loaded for bear with throwback stoner vibes, lots of SABBATH and PENTAGRAM worship as informed by ELECTRIC WIZARD and SLEEP, with touches of COLOUR HAZE and KYUSS - the cruddy sonics pick up where "sonic titan" left off, except sub in somethin like SAMOTHRACE esque vocals that are furiously drowning, on the verge of being drowned out in a sea of killer riffs and drums, or kinda like WEEDEATER with a gratuitous amount of mud and thud piled on top - my favorite metal album of the year thus far