24 July 2015


grumpy's third eye 2015, edition of 33

GRUMPY'S THIRD EYE is a devoted taper who has some sweet sets available for free download on bandcamp, this offering is a band i don't think i've previously heard of but they're most definitely on my radar now - rumbling free rock intro solidifies into an inexorable blown out stoner jam that splices heavy doom with howling psychedelic sludge like ELECTRIC WIZARD meets ROBEDOOR then it shifts gears and puts the pedal to the metal, blastin KINKS by way of HAWKWIND that kinda reminds me of LOBSTER PRIEST's HALLUCINATORY PAGODA (top ten tape of 2014 out on SWAP MEAT) - all that spread out over half an hour, and that's just side 1 - side 2 picks up from there, pummeling hard n fast kinda like if BIRDS OF MAYA circa VOL 1 and THEE OH SEES circa CARRION CRAWLER got together and set some STOOGES covers on fire, then they finish things off with a strong return to some heavy stoner doom - this tape has a real cool live in person vibe, nicely done, not only of sight and sound but of mind, only a handful left, hell there was only a handful to begin with