03 August 2015


PL08 and PL09 are finally ready to go

get em while they're hot at the PSI LAB SHOP / BANDCAMP, and in a few days up close and in person at all three GUESTROOM locations - okc, norman and louisville - and END OF AN EAR in austin, as well as highly regarded online distro FLIPPED OUT

just in case you forgot what i have here

numbered edition of 40, pro dubbed c50, clear shell with silver liner, embossed labels, pro printed hand scored 4 panel j card on silver cardstock, vellum label insert, original artwork insert, clear norelco case -- eclectic psychedelic drone folk artist explores the hazy fringes of his semi dark semi sweet sound and ventures beyond into deeper waters, right in my wheelhouse, perhaps deliberately as this is the first work explicitly commissioned (for lack of a better word) by PSI LAB, NPS hones in on ENO's AMBIENT 4, filters NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS through a TAKOMA tinted lens with bits of field recordings and tape manipulation, and has a good go at indulgent scuzzy outsider blues guitar bliss, giving SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE a run for his money, then it all unravels into a glorious INDEX OF METALS esque visceral dark ambient finale, it all comes together so brilliantly, it gels so perfectly, a brazen next level leap

numbered edition of 40, pro dubbed c40, clear shell with blue liner, embossed labels, pro printed hand scored 4 panel j card on recycled cardstock, vellum label insert, original artwork insert, self portrait insert, clear norelco case -- solo debut from NEBULAE frontman recorded live straight to tape in his attic, in the dead of night, just him, his guitar and an arsenal of pedals taking on the infinite darkness threatening to swallow him whole, he takes his stoner metal and shoegazing space rock roots and uses them as kindling to ignite a new beacon in his musical oeuvre, fueled by the works of EARTH and EXPO 70, casting his shadow into the rich textural territories of LOREN CONNORS and FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, righteous zoned in loops laced with hypnotic tones obliterated with blasts of white hot fuzz and feedback, all giving way to a tripped out ritualistic drone finale for the ages, thank god the neighbors didn't call the cops on him

i only have a small handful of each for direct sales, the artists are gettin a good chunk of em and i like to distro as much as i can

next batch is already comin together, i got some really good stuff lined up, more details soon

i dropped the ball on hyping HOLY HILLS first live performance at GUESTROOM NORMAN for last month's 2ND FRIDAY NORMAN ART WALK - it was rad, unfortunately by the time i even had time to think about recording it was too late so the photo below is all i have to show for it, i think he's workin on a cassette release show, stay tuned