15 April 2015


illuminated paths 2015, edition of 25

cool diy tape label all over the weirdo map caught my attention with last year's LEVITATION MIST which is one of many awesome tapes from STRANGE MOUNTAIN last year, KURMA popped up on my radar via previously rec'd OARIANA collab FROM HERE ON IN (who in turn i discovered via MMM SOUND batch including previously rec'd CLAY & GORLEN tape) -- this tape is a bullseye given those RIYLs, nicely varied for a 40min tape with 4 tracks (plus a 4min bonus live track), side one is an epic exploratory deep dark ambient drone piece aptly titled "dive", side two planes out into a serene zone then crosses an otherworldly threshold to an amazing ebb-and-flow finale titled "sweet death" which could end up being my favorite song of the year, kinda reminds me of BRAINWORLDS side of their split with PLOSIVE from a few years back, top notch stuff