10 April 2015


phinery 2015, edition of 50

phinery 2015, edition of 50

highest possible double recommendation, denmark art and sound label PHINERY makin big waves in the weirdo tape world

highly regarded label TWIN SPRINGS main man MATTHEW BARLOW delivers a phenomenal ambient work, sustained synth tones shift and evolve into subdued syncopation, with field recordings incorporated at the fringes, side 2 immerses even deeper into a zone that few works i know of can match, this tape is an ideal dichotomy of dynamic and static elements, quickly ascending to become one of my absolute favorite tapes of the year

OJERUM picks up where HORROR FICTION's essential cassette edition of SANGE TIL DOENDE left off, exploring deep ambient folk passages, kinda like post rock drained almost to the point of nothingness, hovering in the ether just above the tape hiss, perhaps informed by the quietest sides of HOOD and TALK TALK but more minimalist and dreamlike with otherworldly weirdness lurking akin to TIME-LAG's anonymous lp

both tapes quickly sold out at the source, i have one copy of NOW AGE for the PSI LAB SHOP and FRAVAERSMINDER is still available via OJERUM's bandcamp, both the "standard" PHINERY edition as well as a special edition of "Twelve home dubbed and hand stamped copies. Each cover is an original handmade collage made on an antique portrait. Each copy is signed and unique." which sounds like some drool worthy stuff for sure