26 December 2017


null zone 2017, edition of 50

"Recorded at home, 2016" - NULL ZONE

cassette label out of athens georgia "focusing on homegrown experimentalism" - well i can definitely get behind that, and SUNDERLIN fits that narrative perfectly, alchemizing his own unique blend of drone folk, a brilliant follow up to last year's (debut?) DEATH RANCH [REC #148] cassette courtesy CASTLE BRAVO that further develops and expands his technique and sonic territory, built on traditional american primitive and old guard new weird american elements, now more closely aligning in both sound and mind with concurrent greats in DOC DUNN, WILLIE LANE and ANDREW WEATHERS, sometimes particularly zeroing in on that sweet spot inhabited by GLOVER/PERREAULT's one-off masterpiece FREIGHT 1110 THROUGH GREENSBORO [way way back REC #9] cassette courtesy WEATHERS' in house imprint FULL SPECTRUM, right alongside ROCK & ROLL CAN & WILL HEAL US [REC #135] - this is avant folk minimalism paying dividends on FLYING SAUCER ATTACK's "rural psychedelia" tagline with fuzzy fringes that creep up and seep in, gloriously shifting toward LOST TRAIL territory one moment, then dissipating and floating away like an extended BIG BLOOD interlude featuring BITTER FICTIONS possessed by the ghost of FAHEY