25 December 2017


anthropocene 2017, edition of 80

"debut release of Erik Kramer from Madison, Wisconsin. folk abstractions, new age textures, guitar soli, pastoral ambience, with a focus on the blending of organic and synthetic sound realms. AHFITMOAL is also the debut release from Anthropocene. Anthropocene is a name for our present geologic epoch, a time where the ecological-social impact of capitalism has made (and, without serious intervention, will continue to make) our Earth a profoundly different place. // 'Kramer creates a tune so forlorn, and yet, so beautiful and then follows up its eco-spirituality with the destructive... steady drone gale that dares the listener to stand up to its ecological force. But much like the resulting folk (r)evolution, the genre seems to be looking to echo destruction rather than to proactively speak against it, as if to give us the real sound of our fate rather than thoughts of cautious protest.' - Tiny Mix Tapes" - ANTHROPOCENE

out of nowhere last minute year end list crasher of epic proportions, for sure - KRAMER has one foot firmly planted in this modern post american primitive "folk (r)evolution" as it were, echoing elements permeating the foundational FAHEY/TAKOMA model, molded -weird-ified- into sound shapes not all that unlike DYLAN AYCOCK's experimental ego TALK WEST, while cohesively meandering an array of sounds and styles a la LEE NOBLE's NO BECOMING -an all time favorite tape- with distant echoes of THANKSGIVING's self titled triple lp magnum opus, steeped in SIX ORGANS discography, sometimes alternating while other times overlapping standout favorites self-titled debut, DARK NOONTIDE, ASLEEP ON THE FLOODPLAIN and MARIA KAPEL, mostly falling on the hushed acoustic haunting side of the CHASNY spectrum, but not without flashes of flashes that bleed into retro new age musings akin to JAMES FERRARO's LAST AMERICAN HERO and SUN ARAW's most meditative late 00s sides -- sold out now, but his bandcamp says "*I'll make more if there's enough interest....message me!*"