05 November 2017


patient sounds 2017, edition of ?

"Peter Kris -- a primary force in the German Army faction -- cuts out solo on this burnt offering. Oh the flat earth! So scorched and ragged! The desert yawning a million flecks of roasted sand in every direction. Wailing walls of guitar roast at the nugs. Tight and bright in points, and loosely expressive in others. A passing flare in the red night, or the sun catching flame." - PATIENT SOUNDS

sonic meditations 2017, edition of 65

"Peter Kris makes music with German Army, Q///Q, Final Cop, and other projects from the forsaken confines of the Inland Empire. Like the beauty of mountain ranges, beaches, city lights and skylines under whose shadows so many toil away their days, may the music of Peter Kris serve as a respite, a few moments of joyous inspiration, to all who need a little more happiness in their all-too-fleeting private hours." - TYMBAL TAPES / SONIC MEDITATIONS


KRIS's pursuit of dark ambient guitar drone seemed fully realized right out of the gate with SPRAWL AND SKY [way way back REC #11], which i blurbed as "right in my wheelhouse, GA's post-industrial attack is scaled back, dismantled, diverted and channeled into a sprawling mixture of ambient, drone, noise, rhythm and riffs that recalls FLYING SAUCER ATTACK, FRIPP & ENO and late period SPACEMEN 3" --back when my buzzed blurbs were single fragmented lines, which, i do occasionally consider reverting back to that "hundred words or less" model, but more and more i feel like more words need to be pondered and invested toward the music that is becoming ever more important to me

that description stacks up rather well against KRIS's entire solo discography to date, with last year's LABRADOR double cassette courtesy NEVER ANYTHING -who have quietly amassed quite the roster in and around the zones i hone in on- having a couple twists and turns that deviate some from that modus operandi - but if you're into FSA, FRIPP and/or ENO and SPACEMEN 3 then i don't see why you wouldn't dig any given PETER KRIS tape, and if you haven't bothered to listen to any PK yet then i figure you might as well start with these two since they are his best yet, without question

forget upping the ante, DUTCH FLAT shoves all in with moody brooding atmospherics, ecstatic shredding and slow burning inexorable desert fried riff repetition, earning comparison to TOM CARTER's glorious cosmic blues deconstruction as heard on ALL AHEAD NOW and LONG TIME UNDERGROUND [REC #74], bleeding into those heady rural psychedelia improvisations and meditations scattered throughout FSA's catalog and revitalized on INSTRUMENTALS 2015 [REC #67], occasionally overlapping the chilled out stoner incantations of EARTH's HEX

CARGO ROAD is more dismal, distressed and urgent, further echoing some of CARTER's more hushed efforts while drifting deeper into the murkier waters of LOREN CONNORS and STEVEN R. SMITH, but not without bouts of ROY MONTGOMERY esque soaring reverberating bliss - it may be just the power of suggestion in the label being SONIC MEDITATIONS, but i hear plenty of EXPO 70 synergy, more so than other KRIS tapes - there's a curiously twisted kosmische thread here on a bad trip and lost in space with an internal battle of numb tranquility and disconnected turmoil, and in that i suppose CARGO ROAD travels a more ambitious and winding path than DUTCH FLAT, but they are both righteous weirdo expositions of potential and kinetic energies, of contemplation and exertion, of provoking and obliterating thought