31 October 2017


not not fun 2017, edition of ?

"French fabulist Canada Effervescent follows up a few Bandcamp collections with a fleshed-out full-length, Crystalline, tracing his unique hallucinatory mode via interstitial new age and intuitive brainwash electronics. Laid out in vibrant vintage graphics by Mr Donnie Ka. // Discreet French synthesist Denis Tremblay's latest offering spirals further into the recesses of refracted relaxation music and interstitial new age which have come to define the sound of Canada Effervescent. Sun-bleached tones phase, dazzle, and decay against shimmering vistas of synthetic harp and piano, layered with raga drones, meditative mist, field recordings of running water, wood chimes, and nocturnal insects. Inspired by the canonic healing music of Steven Halpern and David Naegele as well as 'wood-and-carpet covered studios, forest moons, and humid love songs,' Tremblay's touch is ambient but expansive, unspooling in fragile arcs of inner space reflection. An immersive and softly psychedelic sound spa of tonal voyaging by one of today’s more attuned Next Age conduits." - NOT NOT FUN

constellation tatsu 2017, edition of ?

"Tremblay channels the moving forces of the Pacific again, through 7 tracks of cinematic New Age forming an ideal soundtrack for these mornings where the sun begins to warm up the water and the sand. Bowed down in a humble reverence before the masters Joanna Brouk, David Parsons or Hiroshi Yoshimura, the french musician gives birth to layers of psychedelic organ shrouding synthetic flutes and arpeggios, slowly shaping a vast space for meditation. A soft early 80's reverie, this album evokes the pure quietness prevailing in beach paths, on islands where nothing ever happens, in smoky crash pads where light pokes only through louver windows with peeling paint... Hidden behind the entity Canada Effervescent, Tremblay continuously pays tribute to the healing power of the ocean, of music, and of daydreaming, and invites you to take a step forward in your own journey." - CONSTELLATION TATSU


wow it doesn't feel like three weeks since i last posted a recommendation -- it's no surprise that NNF's write up gets me goin as it goes above and beyond in all the right ways, worthy of being copy-pasted verbatim into a crucial TIP OF THE TONGUE provision, which i will do my best to supplement here

TREMBLAY, apparently, has also been at it for a while - not only does he sound a lot like top shelf new age ambient old guard, i suppose he's a member of that prestigious corps (or else some of his early release dates are a head-turning ploy) - he strikes a harmonic chord with NNF's west coast weirdness bias, but leaves most in the dust, hearkening back (or perhaps contemporaneous to) aforementioned HALPERN and his tenure with/as SPECTRUM RESEARCH INSTITUTE, "an educational and experiential resource center for 'Sound Health' based on years of research and field testing into the healthful application of sound" - yeah that sounds about right, paralleling the philosophical (spiritual?) mission of fellow off-the-beaten-path visionary old guardian RANDALL MCCLELLAN, who enjoyed a righteous four tape boxset reissue via NNF alumnus SUN ARAW's in-house imprint SUN ARK, which provides a single degree of separation from J.D. EMMANUEL, another veteran seeking to "enhance deep meditative or altered states" through new age music, further advancing an obscuro trend in (re)discoveries a la JORDAN DE LA SIERRA's GYMNOSPHERE courtesy NUMERO, BIL VERMETTE's and DENNIS (ANDREW) YOUNG's essential new old stock offerings courtesy PERMANENT

for all the affinity to the old guard of ambient, kosmische and new age, there's just as much a knack for the new guard of apparently so called next age that permeates an ever larger chunk of the weirdo cassette world as i see it, made obvious by two tapes in nearly as many months via NOT NOT FUN and CONSTELLATION TATSU, the latter especially indicative of what i might now describe as the tip of the spear in weirdo next age tapes, or at the very least right there among the very best hubs for such music - TREMBLAY simultaneously sounds as much a profound predecessor a la FRIPP & ENO, TANGERINE DREAM and VANGELIS as he does a crucial contemporary of favorites like MATTHEW BARLOW, BLUE COMMUNION: ISAM and KYLE LANDSTRA - tape vs tape, it only took ten seconds of "rayon solaire holistique" to convince me that i absolutely had to have CRYSTALLINE, but there's not that knock-out punch on RIDIN' AMERICA, it's more subtle, with a sixteen minute slow burning opener that gradually blooms like a flower in the spring - they're both amazing, but if one is gonna make my year end top ten -and this late in the game i think it is safe to say that one will- it has to be CRYSTALLINE, and if i was more ambitious i woulda coulda shoulda put it out myself

bubbling, churning, cycling, repeating, shifting, shimmering - these are keywords that might help zero in on TREMBLAY's music, if "new age" is a turn off and "next age" doesn't mean anything to you - i might throw in MCCLELLAN's "drone box" and FRIPP's "frippertronics" into the mix, but if that moves the needle any then you are probably already intently listening if not outright buying - speaking of, there's a handful of RIDIN' AMERICA available via CANADA EFFERVESCENT's bandcamp with plenty more direct from CTATSU for the absurd price of $6 postage paid in the usa - seriously, i don't even know how that is possible - CRYSTALLINE is sold out at the source(s), but it looks like MIDHEAVEN still has a stash so best grab one while you can or forever sleep without rest