01 January 2017

UPDATE - 2017

first - a full set of PL13-15 (DAVID COLOHAN, SKITTISH ARM, DIRE WOLVES) found its way back to me - rather than list on bandcamp i will give PSI LAB blog readers a shot at the set in full -- you can email psilabtapes [at] gmail [dot] com to claim the set -- $22 postage paid in the usa, $33 postage paid elsewhere -- if no one "here" wants then i will put em on bandcamp

i'm excited about my next move as a label, if it all comes together as i envision then it will be the jewel in the crown of PSI LAB's catalog, so says me anyway - at a minimum it should be a(nother) knockout batch

the groundwork has been laid for a PSI LAB showcase of sorts for record store day 2017 at GUESTROOM RECORDS OKC - perhaps coinciding with the next PSI LAB title(s) release date - it should be a real cool time so make plans should you venture a pilgrimage or else find yourself within striking distance of oklahoma city - more details to follow

with regards to "the future" of this blog, i might not bother to keep up with my pace of 80 some odd recommendations a year -keep in mind it's just me here- also i think i want to do a little veering into recommendations that aren't current year titles - probably mostly still in the outsider weirdo zone, whatever beckons from my shelf and hasn't been sufficiently chronicled here there and everywhere - we will see how things go

stay tuned