15 January 2017


beyond beyond is beyond 2017, edition of 500

"With its title the travel itinerary could be mistaken for something of a gentle journey, a breezy, psychedelic semi-saunter, held aloft by a Floydian pillow of winds. Dire Wolves have other plans. This is your Captain speaking – your Captain is dead. ...collecting the shards left behind by their ancestral and aesthetic predecessors. Dire Wolves are indeed a band freed from the constraints of clearly demarcated borders, let alone members; some twenty-plus unique heartbeats have served to animate Dire Wolves over the years, no doubt contributing something to the indescribable, undeniable span and scope of sound. ...otherworldly vocals effortlessly wrap like wisteria vines around yearning violin, the defining characteristic of Excursions to Cloudland. ...an unbroken line, a vast quest, a holy racket that seeks to wake us, rather than occlude us. Listen up." - BEYOND BEYOND IS BEYOND

i just realized my first recommendation of 2016 was DIRE WOLVES [REC #86] - between there and here they joined the PSI LAB roster with HOUSE OF TRIANGLES which found them starting to settle down and abandon their nomadic style as gatherers of sounds and vibes spanning the territories of BARDO POND and SUNBURNED HAND, totemic idols inspiring the WOLVES own brand of new weird american alchemy fusing acid folk, no wave, post rock and stoner psych, with an impressive base of apparent influences from AMON DUUL II to PHAROAH SANDERS to SONIC YOUTH - but as i was saying, the WOLVES seemed to establish their own enclave on TRIANGLES, now made clear by the arrival of EXCURSIONS - much of what i hear seems dress rehearsed on TRIANGLES, now made perfect for their vinyl debut, lofted to the next level by crucial female vocals - they've hit their stride full tilt and they know it - it's maybe like the brooding underbelly of OPAL's dangerously addictive HAPPY NIGHTMARE BABY on double or even triple the dosage taking full advantage of glorious high priestess vocalizations and zoned mantras levitating over thick smoky jams adapted from HIGH TIDE's SEA SHANTIES earning favorable comparison to DSDV and HERON OBLIVION, and BARDO POND of course - no doubt EXCURSIONS will turn a lot of heads in and out of the weirdo blogosphere

due late march, best pre order now before the "fogged out" color vinyl dries up