23 December 2016


essence music 2016, special edition of 119

"rare line-up featuring two drummers lived during a short period of time and the thunderous experiments by these unique sonic hypnotists are fully presented here. touching distant, dark corners of the cosmos where the sun shines timid, the band slowly builds two long movements of truly mesmerizing free-form quality. Warm meditational analog synth explorations get eventually accompanied by bursting, ritualistic percussions and distorted guitar tones, while a gloomy welcome ceremony of heavier guitar jams paints a grand canvas of dark psychedelia. Available on the following formats and editions: LP: 160 copies BLACK vinyl (RED packaging) and 140 copies GOLD vinyl (BROWN packaging). CD: mini-LP gatefold, different artwork, OBI strip and a bonus track. 200 copies. SPECIAL EDITION: art edition of 119 hand-numbered copies, WHITE wax (BLUE pack); silkscreened fold-out poster; CD edition; exclusive bonus album 'Beyond From Where We Started From' with recent trio-mode jams of the highest order. housed in a silkscreened cloth bag." - ESSENCE MUSIC

well the packaging sounds great, can't wait to see it up close and in person -- brazilian label ESSENCE MUSIC -dealing in "limited in house craft editions" of "darker nature esoteric sounds" and home to titles by ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, MERZBOW and NADJA- unleashes this highly anticipated EXPO 70 side, right out of the gate i'm 100% in the zone as EXPO's plunky riff loopage hangs in the air over incessant tambourine / sleigh bells backdrop, before-and-after pedal board on steroids tinkering, a meditative bassline with bursts of stoned out licks and a slowly blossoming array of muscular kosmische percussion - it doesn't take long for this one-off four piece led by guitar wizard JUSTIN WRIGHT to get down to business and kick out the cosmic jams before jettisoning the massive "first movement" booster stage and settling into some glorious deep space drift on the "second movement" steeped in intricate improvisation and on-the-fly experimentation - mix equal parts ASH RA TEMPEL and KYUSS and that might give you a decent idea of what's goin on here, but EXPO 70 cannot be reduced to the sum of its parts - it's much more than that, a wholly singular entity - while "always the same, always different" goes a long way in describing EXPO 70's modus operandi (and that's just fine by me, being the fanatic that i am), AMERICA HERE & NOW SESSIONS is without question the finest hour of the EXPO 70 power trio (or in this instance, power quartet) metamorphosis, eclipsing VIRTUALLY FROM THE UNKNOWN and to my ears further ascending as perhaps thee premier meditative stoner nirvana in over a decade since SLEEP's DOPESMOKER or BARDO POND's ON THE ELLIPSE, depending on how you slice your "stoner" music