21 December 2016


recital 2016, edition of 500

"recorded between 2013 & 2016. Includes 35 guest musicians and singers. Includes a 12-page pamphlet with texts, program notes, & artwork." - RECITAL

there is a lot that i like about MCCANN - i like the he's one of the early crucial contributors to the rise of the weirdo cassette blogosphere climate at least by my measure, i like practically all of his musical oeuvre (though i must say i haven't heard -everything- there is), i like that he started this label RECITAL which i like to think of as this generation's OBSCURE RECORDS (ENO's 70s experimental composition enclave) - but i must admit there's not a whole lot that i'm bonkers about - i was riding the right wavelength at the right time when i discovered his music circa 2010-11, circa his impressive self titled EKHEIN tape and his sophomore (?) vinyl masterpiece THE CAPITAL (supplemented by a subset of THE SKY IS FILLED WITH INCREDIBLE WISHES tapes), which i regard as his ultimate work for all time, being thee one absolute drool worthy no brainer all time favorite of all the plenty good music he's made over the years - i might have previously thought hey -that- is what is what we should stamp into a gold disc and send off into the unknown on the next voyager type mission, but the more i listen to MUSIC FOR PUBLIC ENSEMBLE the more i think that maybe -this- is a better candidate - where THE CAPITAL was something like angels on acid, PUBLIC ENSEMBLE is decidedly more terrestrial, more human, and in that way it can be much more moving - i don't know that THE CAPITAL will ever relinquish the hold it has on me, but if ever MCCANN has shown that it's possible to surpass such an important work to me as that one, it's here and now on this alluringly strange and stunningly beautiful magnum opus