11 December 2016


cord-art 2016, edition of 350

long tenured new weird american primitive guitarist, perhaps better (un)known as a satellite member of MV & EE's studio sessions and ever revolving live rosters often collectively referred to as THE BUMMER ROAD or THE GOLDEN ROAD, or just as a trio with LANE in tow as heard on one of thee seminal HEROINE CELESTIAL AGRICULTURE discs PRAY FOR LESS recorded almost a decade ago here in oklahoma city no less, also found featured on works spanning tangential spheres like ESPERS and SPECTRE FOLK, plus a SLOOW tape or two somewhere in there, while patiently releasing ever more impressive solo albums every three or four years since his 2006 debut RECLINER RAGAS on MV & EE's imprint CHILD OF MICROTONES, transitioning to his own in house private press label CORD-ART with 2009 sophomore "breakout" KNOWN QUANTITY, with as much of an alluring isolated diy vibe and as little fanfare as can exist these days akin to CORWOOD INDUSTRIES or OAKHILL RECORDS

LANE's loose smoky free form improvisation is no doubt influenced by FAHEY and SANDY BULL as well as a diverse array of blues, jazz and psych music, as instilled and inspired by mentors / friends in MATT VALENTINE and JACK ROSE, whose own monumental styles go a long way in defining the outer bounds of a sonic open range where a free grazing LANE has quietly risen to the top of the "solo guitar music" scene, second to none by my measure, contemporary to fellow upper echelon guitarists MARISA ANDERSON, JON COLLIN, DOC DUNN and others in that select group who are undoubtedly skilled but emphasize aesthetic over raw talent - it's not just what you do, it's the way you do it, and LANE does it better than anyone