07 December 2016


shimmering moods 2016, edition of 50

"This recording was made with a number of friends from the Chapel Hill area music scene of North Carolina. For two evening sessions, we shut ourselves away in a turn-of-the-century Quaker meeting house in rural Snow Camp, NC to see what sonic improvisations we could conjure. What resulted was at turns haunting and bleak, beautiful and moving, chaotic and deeply personal, all true to the nature of our past work as Lost Trail." - SHIMMERING MOODS

i've probably picked up more cds in the past four months than i have in the previous four years not counting HEROINE CELESTIAL AGRICULTURE discs, actually some of those aren't too far off as a measurement of comparison here, but i digress

ambitious elevated eight piece ensemble configuration embarks on a journey of progressive stargazing drone folk improvisation testing the waters of spiritual free jazz and minimalism, with a cool post rock flavor a la late period TALK TALK, at times like GLOVER/PERREAULT's FREIGHT 1110 THROUGH GREENSBORO (REC #9) in a layer cake of FLYING SAUCER ATTACK total sonic immersion and WINDY & CARL reverberating bliss that in some parallel universe might have been vibrated into being by a heady MV & EE + DIRE WOLVES coastal "environs" collaboration detouring into moody VELVETS acid jams - bold new points are plotted, still LOST TRAIL's distinctive vibe shines through in drool worthy fashion, their signature intimate atmospherics and all sounds manipulation expanded beyond instrument and tape to performer and space, no longer bound to their own improvised element, instead now guiding if you will a glorious symphony of six additional improvised elements seemingly somehow telepathically tied to one another, ascending into the rarefied air of revered favorites like SEAN MCCANN's THE CAPITAL and NATURAL SNOW BUILDINGS's SHADOW KINGDOM

that this all came together in just two days time is quite mind boggling - what might sound like a curious sideshow on paper turns out to be one of the most crucial works in LOST TRAIL's vast discography that was already a cornucopia of gems cemented as thee gold standard of new weird american drone, not to mention my favorite musicmakers of this decade so far, now as CORSA & CORSA's unparalleled brainchild drifts off into the sunset they hint -well no not hint so much as boldly proclaim- that the best is yet to come

highest possible recommendation