05 September 2016


caprice & necessity 2016, edition of 30

"Tranquil ambient in slow pace." - CAPRICE & NECESSITY

another top shelf tape from belgium's CAPRICE & NECESSITY, their eleventh since arriving on the scene early this year, an enigmatic entity manifesting enigmatic music, seemingly picking up where the now-defunct WEIGHT OF AGES imprint left off (and perhaps this year's model C&N with have a similar fate with AUTUMN ARCHIVE waiting in the wings) - most C&N/WOA works i've heard are more industrial / noise centric utilizing atonality, chaos and dissonance as an alternate pathway to zen of sorts, bizarro meditation akin to GREG GORLEN, JANDEK and YELLOW SWANS (see IVORY TRADE's THE DISTAL PASSAGE REC# 117 as the ideal realization of this, by my measure) - ETERNAL BIRTH OF PRAYER takes a decidedly more classic ambient approach, with new age and kosmische elements, starting kinda like EXPO 70's NIGHT MIST but instead of veering into a black hole of heavy cosmic doom drone LOST AGE settles into tranquil synth drift like OLIVEROS or PALESTINE longform bliss meets BASINSKI sobering loop construction, with some correlation to dynamic ambient artists SEAN MCCANN and STRANGE MOUNTAIN, and in turn inspiring me to revisit GLASS HOUSE's HEADLANDS (way back REC #2)