30 August 2016


riot season 2016, edition of 400

"'This is what 'psychedelic' music is all about, not flowers and sugarcubes and paeans to long lost pastoral idylls, but music that can transport you' / Two huge tracks of blistering leads, mind melting brain changes and max fuzz. Influenced heavily tonally al la Peace On The Mississippi Crash Landing 3rd generation cassette culture, tight Grand Funk oblivion rhythm mind chemistry. Play High and Loud." - RIOT SEASON

BLOWN OUT keep on doin what they do best, churnin relentless groove locked doom-tinged stoner psych jams loaded with killer bass hooks and swirling wailing reverb drenched galactic guitar freakouts, gnarly next level space rock kinda like if EXPO 70 abandoned kosmische meditation and completely embraced deliverance through riffs alone, or like late 2000s ROBEDOOR strapped to a saturn v rocket approaching the cruising speed of folks like THE COSMIC DEAD and EARTHLESS, pedal to the metal - BLOWN OUT is as good as it gets at least by my measure, star blazing way out in front, consistently delivering the most badass cosmic scuzz i have ever heard, passing beyond some cerebral event horizon, obliterating everything - nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure, KING BLOOD would agree i'm sure, nirvana is always just one more riff away