24 August 2016


38 2016, edition of 38

"kj emerges from the shadows with his debut full length... in the interstitial state between dreaming and reality... a cinematic approach to the people and places that live on the outskirts of memory... music from nowhere that can follow you anywhere" - OWN RECORDS

WAKE is an outta nowhere jaw dropping classic ambient masterpiece in holy likeness of ENO's AMBIENT 1 and 4, certainly as timeless and nearly as profound, maybe like a lost STARS OF THE LID album but more immersed and intimate, instantly elevating one KJ ROTHWEILER alongside highly regarded artists like SEAN MCCANN and WILLAMETTE - label 38 (in house?) also makes its debut with WAKE in a hand numbered lathe cut edition of 38 - there's been some phenomenal "classic ambient" (or as i might broadly define them) titles this year, but i think WAKE might be the best of the bunch - released digitally by OWN (where you can still get DAVID ANDREE & JOSH MASON's 2014 lp CALL RESPONSE, if you don't already have a look), physically sold out at 38 but holy mountain in spain has some (one?) on discogs, it's not cheap but if you ask me i'd say it's absolutely worth it