15 August 2016


shaking box 2016, edition of 100

another instant classic from BITTER FICTIONS aka DEVIN FRIESEN's in-house imprint SHAKING BOX following last year's late night murky meditative drone gem A CHANCE HAPPENING (REC #46) - JETTISON is an inspired exploration of no wave post industrial dark ambient drone, hypnotic layered loop construction, improvised distortion deconstruction, strangely beautiful etudes for delay and feedback, immersed new age lonerism, a weirdo amalgam of BASINKSI's DISINTEGRATION LOOPS, ENO's AMBIENT 4, and SONIC YOUTH's mid 80s output or rather SKULLFLOWER's IIIRD GATEKEEPER, at times like FLYING SAUCER ATTACK plays JANDEK, pulling up alongside contemporaries in IVORY TRADE (REC #117) and SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE, as well as PSI LAB rostered HOLY HILLS and SKITTISH ARM - as good as 2014's DERELICT DRIFT is (dream drone channeling FSA and ROY MONTGOMERY, and it's really good), JETTISON is an exponentially deeper dive, a masterpiece -- i really dig the unexpected penultimate track "morning in yr eyes" that plays like a glorious FRIPPIAN desert fried sunrise symphony, watch out for that one, though you need the preceding half hour for it to pay off in full