16 July 2016


woodsist 2016, edition of 300

"this is a diff kind of human digitata, it's sweet analog. you dig spring reverb, then maybe flesh it with sum RA-fi. pure jam. extended solos and explorations go from downtown woodland discord and eternal reverie to relatively clean rivers & beat earth poetics. what a vapor trail of music, very groovy to see folks finally catching up to this HEAD. find some wampum, blow a journey, be here now for late summer eternal..." - MATT VALENTINE

LATE SUMMER is a cool slab of free flowing hypnagogic folk pop tinted by elevated eastern influences like RAVI SHANKAR, intricately exploring the deeper layers of a sonic territory left undisturbed by previous surveyors like HERBCRAFT, JULIAN LYNCH and KURT VILE - maybe kinda sounds like the VELVET UNDERGROUND "closet mix" reenvisioned by ILYAS AHMED as an "igloo of infinite reverb mix" riding the high of a nitrous oxide induced nirvana, blissfully fried and smoked out beyond the likes of SUN ARAW and WOODS with a vibe that gives thee guru MATT VALENTINE a run for his money, which isn't too surprising considering BOOKSTABER is an inner circle acolyte of VALENTINE as an MV & EE studio contributor and road warrior as part of the WOLFPACK - this is "major label debut" done the right way, it's a refined yet earnest work that finds him at his most comfortable, confident and cohesive

highly recommended