11 July 2016


terrible pleasures / tinyamp 2016, edition of 100

outstanding split co-released by TERRIBLE PLEASURES and MADELINE JOHNSTON aka SISTER GROTTO's imprint TINYAMP -- this is SG's fourth tape in the past ten months or so, third this calendar year - her side subtitled SONG FOR AN UNBORN SUN unveils accelerated maturation and rapid refinement of her "heaven metal / soft gaze" sound, a full realization of her moody ambient drone dream pop amalgamation that's so perfectly executed that i'm not sure what's left for her to conquer in the weirdo cassette world, what's left but to break out beyond the weirdo cassette world to a broader audience with a righteous vinyl debut and maybe a high rung indie label in tow

YARROW offers an equally compelling complementary side, bolder in it's experimentation but working with much of the same tones and textures, veering from SG's softer WINDY & CARL informed approach to a more visceral avant garde style, sometimes in the same vicinity as SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE, like a fun house mirror reflection of SONG FOR AN UNBORN SUN on a bad trip - there's such a strong synergy here beyond just the sonics that this tape reminds me of that GROUPER and INCA ORE split from a while back (wow that's almost a decade old now, that doesn't seem possible), a comparison which sets the bar rather high, but i'm not so sure this tape doesn't clear it with room to spare

sold out on SG's bandcamp but it looks like it's still available from TERRIBLE PLEASURES