12 June 2016


inner islands 2016, edition of 100

"'Core-of-the-self meditations affected by a long winter, emotions waxing and waning with the cycles of the moon.' Music for swinging doors." - INNER ISLANDS

latest from premier new age ambient musicmaker KYLE LANDSTRA, and his greatest by my measure, as JEWELED MOON CODEX made its case rather convincingly to my ears - LANDSTRA has been a fixture in the weirdo cassette world for a while now with a rather impressive label pedigree, tapes spanning SONIC MEDITATIONS, TWIN SPRINGS (see REC #3) and LILLERNE, just to name a few, now calling INNER ISLANDS home which to me seems like the ideal imprint for LANDSTRA's ideal sound -- JMC contains two half hour gorgeous deep ambient meditations, supreme tranquility in the gentle ebb and flow of warm synth tones, like the profound sound of the universe breathing in and out, to some extent tapping into the audial awe of BLADE RUNNER broken free of its visual cues, with some parallel to STARS OF THE LID - if side one's "low light living" is tinted with anticipation, as if on a journey (and indeed the listener may be, if so inclined), then side two's "jeweled moon" neatly resolves that feeling with a blissful sense of arrival, of now, of self -- JMC is an incredibly rewarding close listening experience, way up there among the best tapes i've heard this year, already well deserving of a place on my exalted contemporary ambient cassette shortlist alongside works like DAVID ANDREE's IN STREAMS and ANDREW WEATHERS' LIGHT IN THE VALLEY

highest possible recommendation