02 June 2016


spring break 2016, edition of 50

"April 2016 a New Artist Mystery Batch was unveiled. No information was revealed, just the opportunity to support and be in the group of people who ultimately created two sold out releases within 24 hours time... Cappella's debut Maiella is a cassette dedicated to and inspired by his birthplace of the same name. Cappella equally holds strong feelings for his process of drone creation. All the sounds were solely created by him with guitar, natural ambience and a cassette recorder... there is a darkness to the recordings but you can also feel the spiritual quality they have, as though you were atop the highest peak of a mountain as it moaned and wailed it's first sounds after a thousand year slumber." - SPRING BREAK

"minimal experimental composer" GAETANO CAPPELLA delivers a debut of progressive dark ambient drone compositions, careful deconstructions and intricate integrations of a wide range of styles, a mash of minimalism, new age, industrial and idm, a stunning spiritual (?) singularity in proximity to new weird american drone (or maybe that's just what my ears like to hear), but MAIELLA is on a different plane, too cerebral and deliberate -too composed- to be neatly filed as an italian counterpart to weird american droners like GREG GORLEN or LOST TRAIL who seem to allow if not embrace spontaneous inspiration and improvisation - i doubt CAPPELLA would have any of that - MAIELLA would probably fit more comfortably alongside TIM HECKER or BENOIT PIOULARD but not enough to sufficiently summarize it, compounded and confounded by repeated listens where it's as if doors previously closed begin to open

highly recommended

unfortunately instantly sold out at the source but SPRING BREAK says "Gaetano will have limited copies of Maiella available for sale soon via his Bandcamp" so keep an eye out