30 May 2016


proposition 2016, edition of 100

"Seven transmissions from the Pacific Northwest recorded using field recordings, ondes martenot, strings, piano, tape, and synth. Equal parts alien and serene." - SECRET PYRAMID

SECRET PYRAMID's vinyl debut MOVEMENTS OF NIGHT absolutely floored me, it's a lethal ambient drone takedown, an audial-cognitive arm bar that smothers you in bliss and leaves you begging for more - around that time there was a supplementary work entitled DISTANT WORKS I on cassette via PROPOSITION (SECRET PYRAMID's in-house imprint?) that offered a pair of sidelong suites that drift along the airy atmospherics of dark-tinted ambient music

three years later DISTANT WORKS II emerges as SP's first work since MOVEMENTS, lending it more significance than it's predecessor, where DW1 seemed to deliberately slip into the background, DW2's impact is more immediate albeit perhaps not as charged as MARCH or MOVEMENTS, but it's quite clear that SP hasn't lost a step as his sound progresses into a broader sonic palette while honing in on an even less is even more approach - this is some glorious dark ambient drone riyl BELONG, RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI, STRANGE MOUNTAIN, etc

highly recommended