21 May 2016


anthology 2016, edition of 1000

"These spellbinding recordings capture the Swedish pioneers of DIY/counter culture at their finest, most transcendental hour. All this material has been mastered from the original tapes, and unseen photos and extensive liner notes by the band make this the definitive Träd, Gräs och Stenar document. Timeless, unheralded psychedelic rock in the raw." - ANTHOLOGY

i'm a heavy 70s fiend but i tend to not get too deep into somethin i'm sure to dig when i can't easily find or reasonably afford it in analog as i'm not much for cds and that's been the only way to get TRAD GRAS OCH STENAR canon til now, unless you have $500+ to score originals of the two proper albums in this boxset - 1971's DJUNGELNS LAG and 1972's MORS MORS - even then you'd have to wait months for them to pop up - no thanks, this boxset will do just fine

fist time vinyl reissues expand to double lps with previously-on-cd and unreleased bonus material, more than enough for hardcore original lp owners to instantly add this set to their vast collections, but i think the real boon is the third title included here, KOM TILLSAMMANS "an exclusive 2xLP with entirely unreleased live material from 1972" - the two proper albums are also live circa 1971-72 so this boxset has a nice continuous vibe - don't get me wrong, LAG and MORS are plenty rad but KOM delivers the knockout blow

this is some deep end heady 70s stuff - if PARSON SOUND and HARVEST mean anything to you then this is like the more HENDRIX fixated early 70s incarnation - assuredly not your typical ZEPPELIN or SABBATH mimicry, or your DEEP PURPLE or GRAND FUNK pummel proliferation, although that's a bit closer - there's some BLUE CHEER in TGOS sonic lineage along with EARLY STEPPENWOLF (live at the matrix 1967), but this goes above and beyond, takes that tripped out twenty minute take of "the pusher" and transports it halfway around the world and five years ahead - somewhat akin to nearby space rockers and kraut jammers like HAWKWIND and CAN but TGOS are looser and bluesier with a ROCKADELIC vibe like an utterly blazed JOSEFUS kickin back and cuttin loose, or maybe like some fried lab experiment fusing AMON DUUL II, WICKED LADY and the STONES - there's a VELVETS vibe as well, probably just the synergy of drugs and primitive yet elevated rock music recorded live, similar to THE QUINE TAPES if not in form then in function - if i haven't sold you by now, i never will

highly recommended*


well the set sold out before i could make a rec - maybe a few kickin around shops, or wait for (re)sellers to come down a bit closer to retail - LAG and MORS are available individually but like i said KOM is where it's at (*i'd give it highest possible recommendation by itself) so i think i'd just save my ammunition for the boxset