03 April 2016


the tide of the end 2016

"a blanket of soft grainy drones. The peaceful status quo is easily disturbed, sounds start to collapse on top of each other, closing in on the listener. Society is crumbling down and even though there is plenty of hope and courage left in our souls the end is inevitable and omni-present. Once more F.E. Denning skillfully threads the line between beauty and despair and one can never be certain of the outcome. Melancholic melodies set the tone and when the closing opus eventually fades out one is left with a feeling of acceptance, of whatever is to come." - THE TIDE OF THE END

i was late to the F.E. DENNING bandwagon, some sweet tapes i must have narrowly missed, but so it goes - i say right now is the ideal time to discover his music because netherlands "outsider art" imprint THE TIDE OF THE END just released his best yet, the ideal distillation and perfection of his sound, a stone cold masterpiece by my measure that i knew i had to have after scoping "journey to weimar" on soundcloud in late february, which proceeded to split my mind wide open kinda like the first time i heard PETE SWANSON's UNLIMITED OPTIONS - this is the same sort of dark ambient drone bliss, well, bliss for folks like me i suppose - UNDER THE LINDEN TREE is dense and intense, "noisy" i guess but not really, not any more so than TIM HECKER or TWELLS & CHRISTENSEN, maybe kinda like YELLOW SWANS circa GOING PLACES on nyquil, surveying the sonic territory between GROUPER and ROBEDOOR, with fantastic artwork to boot - i expect this will earn prestigious placement by plenty of drone heads when year end list season arrives

highest possible recommendation