05 January 2016


the PSI LAB SHOP is now closed - all available PSI LAB titles are on bandcamp - DISTRO titles will soon be made available on DISCOGS


speakin of available PSI LAB titles, i recently rescued a handful of tapes that were gathering dust at GUESTROOM - PL02 LONELY MOUNTAIN, PL06 NEBULAE, PL07 SKITTISH ARM, PL08 NATIONAL PARK SERVICE - all are now available again on bandcamp albeit briefly as i only have one or two copies of each so if you want em i say act fast or forever sleep as these are the absolute final copies i will ever have for sale

i also put the last copy of PL12 BURNT HILLS on bandcamp, and there are still a few PL10 TRESILAZE left

nothin new on the PSI LAB tapes front, some long pending ideas may or may not be realized

i will likely return to my RECOMMENDATION series soon, already some great 2016 tapes out there or around the bend

stay tuned