20 December 2015


gonna shut this down over the holidays and probably for some time thereafter, we'll see how things go

if you appreciated this blog any appreciable amount this year and you wish to express that appreciation in an economically appreciable way, feel free to purchase any download on the PSI LAB bandcamp page and name your price accordingly

PSI LAB SHOP and bandcamp orders will still be handled in a timely manner although orders made between now and JAN 1 will not be handled until JAN 2

PL11 is SOLD OUT and the last copy of PL12 is available at the PSI LAB SHOP (though listed as SOLD OUT on bandcamp) - you may be able to purchase PL10-12 from FLIPPED OUT and you may be able to order PL11 direct from LOST TRAIL - small quantities of PL10 and PL11 have been distributed to GUESTROOM RECORDS in oklahoma city, norman and louisville, as well as online distro TOMENTOSA

it was a great year in music, of course i think everything i recommended this year deserves mention, but these are the ten tapes that stand out the most to my ears

01. DANNY CLAY / JOSEPH EDWARD YONKER - john wayne death scene (patient sounds)
02. GREG GORLEN - passing clouds (cascading fragments)
03. ANDREW WEATHERS - light in the valley (twin springs)
04. SKITTISH ARM - i don't know what i should do to right myself again (self released)
05. LOST TRAIL - death to october mountain! long live october mountain! (swan city)
06. GLOVER/PERREAULT - freight 1110 through greensboro (full spectrum)
07. ZETA ONE - dreamsnake ii (eiderdown)
08. BLOWN OUT - multiverse hypnosis (box)
09. SHAMELESS FRIEND - all black that sparkles (tape gun)
10. STARA RZEKA - zamknely sie oczy ziemi (instant classic)

i know it's a rather puny attempt at a year end list but, hey, i got 85 RECOMMENDATIONS with juicy blurbs archived on the RECOMMENDATIONS page done this calendar year so if you really wanna dig, i made it easy to do so, just start at one end and work your way to the other, there's nothin in there that i didn't thoroughly enjoy throughout the year