20 May 2015


self released 2015, edition of 100

academia 2015, edition of 50

better crack a window it's gettin real smoky in here, a double rec for heavy stoner heads comin down the pike

STRANGE BROUE's self titled debut full length - for the nit pickers it's a compilation of all the digital-only singles they churned out since november 2014 - made a blip on my radar a couple months ago, not long after it surfaced on bandcamp but apparently long enough to miss out on all the ultra limited special editions - oh well - i'm more than happy to have this tape at all, a rare gem dug out of all the metal slag i trudge through on bandcamp, i dig the stoner stuff and that's about it for me, but i digress - SB follow the timeless tried and true formula, SABBATH by way of ELECTRIC WIZARD, elevating to the same level as SALEM'S POT and UNCLE ACID - or higher, if you ask me - with a who-did-it-better cover of WICKED LADY's "run the night" washed down with a dose of DEAD MEADOW esque psychedelia, SB don't reinvent the wheel but they don't pull any punches either, they deliver the goods as advertised

ONE looks like an EXPO 70 tape but it sounds like TY SEGALL, complete with a TY esque backstory - solo project turned loud fast rock band - but the good DOCTORS cut to the chase, merging the wonky lo-fi crud of REVERSE SHARK ATTACK with FUZZ's stoner punk assault, look no further than "i can't die" which slightly reworks TY's "melted" into a stoner doom anthem that more than holds its own, and there's plenty more where that came from here, but their target audience will need this tape just for the saved-the-best-for-last closer "killed by weed" which for a moment streaks above & beyond anything the BLACK ANGELS or ZIG ZAGS can offer -- this one is a pre-order via ACADEMIA out next tuesday (5/26), sure to sell out super quick as soon as the internet gets a whiff, so jump on it