07 April 2015


workin on a summer batch, so far i have the best stuff yet from eclectic midwest psychedelic drone folk musicmaker NATIONAL PARK SERVICE, as well as NEBULAE guitarist solo ambient doom drone project HOLY HILLS, tentative street date mid june, stay tuned

added some great titles to the PSI LAB SHOP - LAND container, SARA LOUISE field guide, LUPERCI jahator, NATIONAL PARK SERVICE/LUNG CYCLES split, TAUUSK hermit

only three copies left of PL06 NEBULAE and PL07 SKITTISH ARM

some cool live shows comin up

nice local lineup at OPOLIS on FRIDAY APRIL 17 featuring NEBULAE, SHISHIO and SUNCHASER

LOOPFEST is SUNDAY APRIL 26 at DOPE CHAPEL, great lineup including SHAMELESS FRIEND and some way cool out-of-towners notably experimental folk gurus SCISSOR TAIL frontman DYLAN AYCOCK and FULL SPECTRUM frontman ANDREW WEATHERS

of course NORMAN MUSIC FEST 8 is the weekend of THURSDAY APRIL 23 thru SATURDAY APRIL 25, NEBULAE are slated to play before POWER PYRAMID on FRIDAY night at OPOLIS indoor stage, with a promising GUESTROOM "GUESTFEST" lineup earlier that evening