06 April 2015


tape gun 2015, edition of 100

"a celebration of and meditation on dark energy, which will one day tear all of this apart" -- incredible new tape from SHAMELESS FRIEND, his self titled debut here on PSI LAB is plenty good but this is on another level, an evolutionary leap forward perhaps sparked by his increasingly experimental live performances, a full realization of an exciting dynamic ambient style all his own, well informed by the atmospherics of ENO, synth exploration of FROEZE and SCHULZE, textural complexity of TIM HECKER, and guitar work of LOREN CONNORS, rivaling the best from contemporary weirdos SEAN MCCANN, DEREK ROGERS, and STRANGE MOUNTAIN, top ten tape of 2015 for sure, doesn't look like it's available via their bandcamp or website just yet, i hope to get a few copies for the PSI LAB SHOP, in the meantime you can probably order via email to TAPEGUNRECORDS [at] GMAIL [dot] COM