19 April 2015


sonic meditations 2015, edition of 100

"touching on krautrock and american primitive, simple motifs grew into rich sonic moods" -- excellent collaboration between portland psych fixture DEWEY MAHOOD of PLANKTON WAT and ETERNAL TAPESTRY, and oakland musician and composer CHUCK JOHNSON, heady west coast vibe abounds, four meandering psych folk pieces, "serpentine schist" and "radiolarite" are smoked way out, mellow fingerpicking and pedal steel over endless desert fried bass grooves, a simple dusty drum machine keeps time, brushed with minimal synth tones, reminds me of DATE PALMS moody masterpiece THE DUSTED SESSIONS, in fact MARIELLE JAKOBSONS, one half of DATE PALMS, lays down some ISOBEL SOLLENBERGER esque zoned flute on "radiolarite", the title track wanders off in a different direction, tapping into the euphoric improvisation of FRIPP & ENO, while the closing track "farallon" sounds like the most ideal meeting of the minds, seeming mostly improvised by the two, with JOHNSON's takoma style mastery front and center, forgoing prowess and showmanship, emphasizing feel and space, a gloriously understated performance with MAHOOD providing a rich textural backdrop of ambient drone accompaniment from a diverse array of instrumentation, what a fantastic listening experience, sonic meditations indeed -- now available at the PSI LAB SHOP